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Learn about me online by googling "rizzn."

Anything you can't find, ask me!

I'm the admin of this instance.

Re: Mastodon Crossposting... I mean, crossposting is a little bit impersonal, but unless you're posting 20x a day and have your xposter configured improperly, most folks won't even notice.

The future of Facebook's Libra coin

Just moved the last items out of my offices at

Just a few papers left to file, and the company will be shut down completely. End of an era, but on to bigger things!

"We will not allow cryptocurrency to become the equivalent of secret numbered accounts" - U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Sorry Steve, Satoshi didn't ask for your permission.

They're not "concentration camps," they're just detention centers where children are separated from their families and some of them die.

In case anyone needs it spelled out - the reason asylum seekers are sitting in ICE detention centers is because they were trying to “do it legally”

They are sitting in detention centers

Because they were attempting to follow the law

RT FaceBank will serve as a welcome decoy; let the state expend its energy fighting big tech. Put on a show while the rest of the world watches and learns the importance of money that government cannot stop. ₿

"Oh, cool. The third season of The Good Place ended, now I can binge it."

*searches on-demand* 1 episode
*searches netflix* Not available til August
*searches Hulu* 5 episodes
*searches NBC app w/ cable provider login* 5 episodes

"Why the fuck do I pay money for any of this?"

You know, I don't think some of you realize the power of sincere, meaningful complinents.

I remember vague impressions of insults on this app, but I've dined off compliments I've recieved here months and years after the fact.

Be kind, and you'll be remembered.

My updates will, in the immediate future, be on my social accounts, and on

I've taken offline.

It's no longer reflective of my personal brand. I've been blogging on the site since 1998. For most of that time I've regarded it as a journalist outlet or a personal diary.

PixelfedCoin - a revolution in the making. #soon

To that end, though, I don't know where I've ever claimed to be rich. I'm not rich. I live in a modest house, and have invested most of my capital into my family and my companies. I'm very much not rich.

Still, looking forward to being "exposed."

A scammer is promising to "expose me" as being poor. If I pay him 2 ETH, he will keep my secret, and give me the identity of the guy who's been impersonating me online to scam others.

Sounds like a heckuva deal!

This is very disruptive to Square, Venmo/PayPal and Zelle.

From a more practical perspective, I'm betting I'll be able to hold Libra without extensive KYC (even though the original purchaser will need to). Libra will become a very popular payment method for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

I'm looking at Libra from a practical perspective as an OTC trader.

I'm thinking that this is a great onramp to Bitcoin.

They'll use it because it's "delivering on the promise of the Internet of Money," and then they'll switch to Bitcoin once this fails to deliver.

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