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Learn about me online by googling "rizzn."

Anything you can't find, ask me!

I'm the admin of this instance.

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We ridicule the newest technology we don’t understand. Here’s Bill Gates being laughed at for the internet

Future technologies will be mocked, in the same way.

We got an FBI training doc on obtaining data from secure messaging apps, and shared it w/ @AndyKroll/@RollingStone.

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In realness, imo the only reason Twitter tolerated adult content on this platform is that Jack ideologically supports free expression. With him gone we're going to see Twitter become the sanitized, corporatized, Disney-fied bullshit every other major platform becomes.

Matthew McConaughey says he's pulling out of the Texas Governor race, which guarantees an Abbot win, because there's no way Beto can win after his gun comments.

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Inspired by the success of @ConstitutionDAO - @SwartzDAO is a decentralized organization with the goal of acquiring paywalled academic journals and publishing all of their content under licenses

What an amazing example of how web3 could turbocharge 🎓🚀

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If NFTs are a scam, who is being scammed? The collector supporting art they love or the artist who can afford to spend more time making art for the world? 🤔

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Sometimes I find it helpful to remember back when the early web was considered "silly" in the early 1990s and referred to as the "world wide wait".

Then broadband happened.

Then mobile happened.

Then this platform allowed us to learn about "silly" new things.

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so new covid variant coming, bullish for game-fi tokens? since everyone will be at home?👉👈

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The first mining pool, @slush_pool, was announced 11 years ago today on, and is still in operation! 🎉


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Remember the time Sister Margaret blessed the pewter pin holding Henry Winkler's cape around his shoulders?

A nun Fonzible cloak pin.

What mobile wallet is the @rarible android designed to work with?

I can't get it to work with Trust or Metamask.

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This is the dip you’ve been waiting for that you’re not going to buy.

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Yesterday my NFT sold for 1.99 ETH or roughly $9,000.

I didn’t make $9,000 on all of my art sales combined last year. (Paintings / Prints / Merch)


Took a peek at politics twitter to see why Susan Sarandan was trending, and now I regret it.

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