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I had this tweet right the first time I wrote it. Dammit.

The widely disliked wife of a career politician who was also himself a career politician called another career politician a career politician who is widely disliked.

This sounds like the beginning of a REAL market for ridesharing, rather than one where a cartel of corporates set prices for everyone else.

The subtext of that iPad commercial that ran over the holidays.
your grandkids record you on their phones at Christmas. probably an Instagram video.

you open your present.
a quilt made from your dead wife’s clothes.
grief hits your body. they don’t realize you wake up every day already reaching for her.

“look,” they say. “he’s crying.”

To think a hacker dumped a massive list of device credentials bc he upgraded to "high output cloud providers" as his DDoS for hire strategy.

It's too easy to hack now. Open source tools, dark web malware, and common vulnerabilities are widely available.

The bitcoin blockchain forgot all my private keys.

So annoyed right now.

Walked 2km in the rain to withdraw money from ATM, and the damn thing had forgotten my pin code.


Capitalism isn't the enemy, it's the state and fiat.

When you're free to define capital, capital ceases to be a system of control, but one of freedom.
We *are* the Borg. The Borg is a representation of a post-scarcity society that is *never satiated* and must therefore constantly grow, like cancer – looting, pillaging and swallowing whole it's contradictions, those who oppose it.

Here's what happened: after debate in 2018, we went to dinner. Peter had never used bitcoin before (!) I helped him set up wallet on his phone (Edge or BRD?), told him to secure it if he ever held significant value on it, gave him $50. He forgot pw, and never recorded phrase. 😑

Is there a better Smart Bulb system than Hue? I have more bulb failures with that system than I ever did with dumb bulbs. These things are supposed to last decades, but I generally can only squeeze a couple years out of them at best, which sucks for $50-70 a bulb.

This is the first time I haven't had a photog on salary when I need new headshots in almost two decades.

Christopher Tolkien, third son of J.R.R. Tolkien and editor of much of his posthumous work, including The Silmarillion, has died at age 95. Thank you for bringing your father’s vision to life through your work. Rest in peace.

People who suggest that you're more productive if you turn off your notifications are just showing off how inept they are at organizing their life.

In other words, lawyers ruin everything, and I want nothing to do with them, whether they work for the government or not.

Honestly, the new SEC rules are easy to pick apart.

I won't, though. I showed up a lawyer on securities law during a panel in 2018, and he made it his life's mission to screw me over using the legal system in 2019.

I learned my lesson.

RT Until there are competent definitions I don’t think anyone should answer that. Is it property? Is it currency? Is it speech? Are CC payments virtual currency? How do you prove I have the keys?

Can’t allow the case to take over my life. But the careful thought of triggered these thoughts this morning.

It's even more telling than anonymized social data. Value transfers are a signal of intent, and market values of goods and services are easy to determine.

Every crypto activity use case has a certain footprint. If you are at this long enough, you can look at transaction history and get a sense of what they're up to.

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