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Meantime they are STILL not reporting for days now. , which refused to implement a coronavirus lockdown, has so far avoided a mass outbreak. Now it's bracing for a surge in deaths. via Any thoughts as to why no reporting?

So is anyone else super disappointed with Disney + and DCU?

I had high hopes.

This story deeply concerns me.

According to the LA Times, the government is seizing medical supplies from hospitals.

Them: I'm pretty sure COVID was a weaponized lab-engineered virus.
Me: Here's a study from virologists say it wasn't.
T: Most academics are not capable of thinking outside the box
M: If you're not going to trust virologists about how virii work, who will you trust?
T: Myself.

Wasn't it Sweden where the health minister said something like "Shit happens in life" or something? I'm not sure we should be looking to the Swedes for guidance right now.

Jim Durbin and I on the COVID19 Information podcast talking about risk and business outcomes in the context of coronavirus.

People who say "full decentralization is overkill, you only need non-custodial" are missing the point. A fully decentralized (or "serverless") application is valuable because it gives users the confidence that *it will always be there*, so you can safely build on top of it.

There seems to be a lot of confusion even amongst the educated, on the difference between a standard, regulation, voluntary compliance and an enforced law.

Until you understand your terminology, it's difficult to have a conversation.

If you're using COVID-19 to campaign right now while people are literally dying in the streets, you should take a beat and examine your actions.

If a market needs to be centrally controlled, it is not a market.

You're thinking of a store. That's a store.

Now that the shock of COVID-19 has worn off, the vast majority of pundits have completely lost the plot. Everything has turned back into a political rorschach test again.

The downfall of many new companies is that they seek permission.

I understand why people are moving their fiat to Tether right now.

What happens when banks go tits up, and there's no cash backing your tokens?

Wouldn't it be smarter to look at something like DAI instead?

Do not take medical advice from social media.

Clinical trials and scientific papers area all available online. If you want to know about a specific drug, look it up.

RT When you docked with this starbase, did it have "Dead Karen Storage" written on the side of it?

Is social distancing working in NY? It's too early to tell, if you're looking at the numbers.

Why do we allow this to happen? Do we somehow believe that no one will build a hotel again after the current ones go out of business?

The government will not help you. Help yourselves.

RT We haven't hit the knee off the curve yet.

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