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Lol, I got interested in cryptocurrency when I was 15 specifically because I realized that the right to associate in private wasn't going to be very useful without the ability to raise funds.

Ever gone to a protest? Those signs cost money. Censorship of money censors dissent.

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showed up on Tuesdays and we had a discussion. We had rules (no talking over each other, etc.) and it just worked. When we move back to Dallas in 2013, I started (Bid D Open Coffee Club) in North Dallas and Downtown. They're still going today. At one point we had...

Would you pay money for view-only access to the goings on of your favorite newsroom?

To be fair, it's a good litmus, though. More people grok "investing" in goods that require a deed than investing in capital and equity markets, which is what crypto investing up to now has mostly looked like.

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The framing of the piece definitely made NFTs seem like the culmination of blockchain. I'd agree that they're a potentially important part of it, but I do wish more was emphasized about the impact of self-sovereign value.

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My wife was listening to the NYT podcast on bitcoin, blockchain and NFTs. I'd say that @kevinroose did a pretty good job reporting. Not 100% correct on all the facts, but definitely didn't substantially mislead the audience (at least in the portions I heard).

I've been making my way through the Daft Punk discography while I work the last few days, and I don't understand the criticism by some that their newer stuff isn't as good.

They're all catchy as heck, and all demonstrate a superior command of their skills.

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Bitcoin has entered the ranks of top 10 global currencies in terms of M1 money supply.

I'll never understand why free/open-source software project use proprietary platforms like Discord or Reddit.

Like... Y'all built more flexible and robust tools *in the 90s* just use 'em damnit

That $5 worth of $tron i have is up 11% today.

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So not only is BitClout not decentralized, not open source, and not secure, but it’s also not even running on a blockchain… 🤔🤣

I shoulda recorded my wife attempting to explain the plot of King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Watching the Netflix Doc "White Boy."

An eye-opening doc.

Watching the short film "Two Distant Strangers" on Netflix.

I coulda swore I saw a really short comedy YouTube movie with this exact same premise some time back.

I still see posts about this in my timeline.

The guy had a show called "Politically Incorrect" that was canceled for making a 9/11 joke.

Why are we acting fake shocked he's anti-cancel culture?

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Honestly, I feel like congress continually invites tech leaders to congress because it's the time government hearings feel relevant to the news cycle.

They never actually accomplish anything other than grandstanding. This letter feels like sea-lioning.

Entirely predictable that Twitter's trying to cancel Bill Maher for criticizing cancel culture.

Progressives can't not eat their own.

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