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Learn about me online by googling "rizzn."

Anything you can't find, ask me!

I'm the admin of this instance.

Check this out, rare display of common sense from a government official. Gavin Newsom veto's OTC trading licensing

This news hasn't spread very far in the unit as of yet, and the psychologist I spoke to today said "apply, just in case." If anyone has any more details on the story or sources to sift thru, leave them here on the thread and my kiddo will forward them to me.

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News via Space Proles (from @FreeRossDAO) that's been pretty disappointing for those of us here: the BOP has decided that the time calculations from the First Step Act won't apply to people like me with less than 18 months on their sentence left.

Surprise shakedown happening in front of me, some morons stored their chargers for their contraband phones in a hidden compartment and labeled them with their names. Watching 4 CO's gleefully bag them up now.

Big celebrations around the unit today. They lifted our punishment lockdown restrictions today.

hi, if you have any questions for rizzn while he's in prison reply with them. i'll get your questions to him as soon as I see them and reply his answer when he reads them!

On the upside I got some sunlight for the first time since getting here.

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I was woken up rudely this morning at 5:30 AM by BOB staff. they frisked us and sent us out into the courtyard while they searched every other unit. Now there are two units out of four on lockdown and for the foreseeable future we are caged up inside.

finally in general population, but my cell block is on lockdown for something that happened before I got here. FML.

also a positive mention of @GeosynMining & @FreeRossDAO

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they extended it by a day, i can't believe i'm happy to enter prison after a week in this room!

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day 4 of being quarantined before entering general population, tired of these same four walls. tomorrow is my last day in quarantine.

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I've decided I will not be having nightmares alone tonight so all of you have to watch this too

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I did an interview today with @rizzn on his experience so far with facing up to 15 months in federal prison…for just SELLING P2P 🤯

@FreeRossDAO @RealRossU @Thingerthing

Check out the full interview here:

I spoke todaywith @otogomes about my case.

Thanks for having me on!

Also, the fact that Gainzy is the only one with a negative opinion is just 😙👌.

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I didn't imagine that thread getting that much attention.

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@mtaa324 Money that is issued and regulated by the state and used to coerce behavior. @rizzn is a pretty good example of someone going to jail simply for using money wrong. Ta-Nehisi Coates did a pretty good job of showing how this works against those on the political fringes.

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