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Learn about me online by googling "rizzn."

Anything you can't find, ask me!

I'm the admin of this instance.

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When people build internet products without assuming there will be adversarial actors I just send them this photo

watching Kate and Rhen rage at their workmate simultaneously on the timeline.

The propaganda that Azov Battalion is a politically motivated organization needs to die off.

Even folks who should absolutely know better are still working off of eight year old information.
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Dad called while I was addressing Azov here so I mentioned it to him 😂

Direct quote:

"Are they joking?! Azov is part of the National Guard, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It's not a political org…

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@VassilisDelta @mykkuzmin @cryptodrftng @DavePharrel @vassillissa85 The runic insignia is a leftover that should’ve been redesigned but wasn’t but not for the reasons people like to pin on it. I mean Germans still fly the *actual* Germanic iron cross on their tanks. And if any should’ve get rid of those - it’s them.

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I'm not sure who needs to see this but... here is a candid snapshot from my grandfather's personal archives of himself and Cesar Romero in full Penguin & Joker costume smoking together right before a Batman-themed parade in Austin, TX - July 30th, 1966.

Selling to the random telegram scammers before they can sell to me.

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So, let’s get this straight. The Wall Street Journal, a company worth $5 billion with 3.5 million readers, says that , an asset worth $575 billion and over 80 million users, is a ‘failed experiment’.

I guess sometimes stats don’t help a story.

Update, spoke too soon. I can't get both earbuds to sync at the same time, and it appears that overnight is not long enough to recharge them.

Lemons, basically.
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Bought some @oneplus earbuds.

Quality product.

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every 28 year old VC has been waiting years to send these “outlook for the market ahead” emails.

just relishing the opportunity to be the wise, grizzled veteran. sir the last recession happened when you were 14

Can I use a flash loan to borrow an ape from the @NFTX_ vault to get into ApeFest, or can I just hold a fraction of an ape and get in?

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Every time I try to read hexadecimal crypto addresses, it gives me an aneurysm.

Some addresses have an ENS, but most (anons, contracts) won't.

Wat do?

I spent a weekend hacking together Onoma: human-readable names for hexadecimal addresses.

If you're an ETH token, what value is there in paying exchanges for listings when you can just get on an AMM for the cost of liquidity?

I'm noticing that while abuse in general on this platform is as rampant as ever, saying anything negative at all in El*n's mentions will get you suspended with a quickness.

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So much movement happening this week! Four new proposals, from ops management to mint drop!

Join us to help

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People hate Bitcoin's energy consumption because they hate Bitcoin, not because they're worried about energy.

If they actually cared about energy, they would criticize the thousands of other activities that are energy intensive.

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The tag team of Bitcoin and Ron Paul got a lot of people interested in how money works at the same time.

13 years later and those folks are thought leaders and notable business-people.

Kinda like that early Sex Pistols show where all 40 attendees started legendary punk bands.

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Congress : “Crypto is a systemic risk”

Crypto : “Evaporates a 20bn stablecoin and a 30bn asset overnight”

0 bailouts

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