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Nick Szabo blocked me for suggesting we should evangelize libertarian solutions to statism-induced problems, rather than ridicule black people's lamentations right now.

Very disappointing, as I admire his contributions to bitcoin and cryptography.

OMG, I didn't realize they publicly listed phone number and email address on their clear-web site.


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Project Veritas is bragging because they got a guy who joined a small group of violent protesters and taped it.

"Gestures vaguely at the US right now."

I too know how to put on my socks.

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An innocent young man was shot with “less-lethal” ammunition by APD. He was peacefully protesting, ”they shot the wrong person” they said, but has now been left in critical condition with brain damage. I’m angry, and you should be too.

When was the last time you didn't end a conversation with "Stay safe," the mantra of 2020.

With the government deploying military drones over the protests, how long until demonstrators ratchet up the response with drone aircraft of their own?

I need some bricks for a walkway in my back yard. Should I organize a protest in my neighborhood so antifa will drop some off for me?

Remember when NYPD went on strike and crime decreased?

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We hold these truths to be self-evident:

Black lives matter.
My body, my choice.
No victim? No crime.
Sex without consent is rape.
Taxation without consent is theft.
Rights aren't subject to majority vote.
The smallest minority is the individual.

Two girls just walked past us told the cops to suck their dick then pointed to us and told us to report it OK

My coverage on DPD's gassing of peaceful protestors on Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and their subsequent gaslighting of the press this morning, over on the telegram channel.

(this question is mostly rhetorical. If they could, we probably wouldn't be here right now).

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I've seen moving speeches from rappers and victims, and a decent speech from the Houston chief of police.

Where are our so-called political leaders on this?

Is there no one who can shepherd the nation towards a solution?

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Do you know anyone that may be interested in sponsoring the masks at in August?

If so pass this along to them.

Conservatives used to be people who cared. "Christian charity" and "compassionate conservatism," remember?

Now it's support for concentration camps at the border and military firing at unarmed, peaceful civilian crowds.

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Years ago I considered myself a conservative (or conservative adjacent).

I find most of the views expressed by people who call themselves conservatives repugnant now.

I don't feel like my viewpoints have shifted significantly, it's just that the entire spectrum has moved right.

Our country was established on a revolution against this precise behavior.

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