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Why is it 2020 and BitPay still uses QR codes that no other wallet can interpret, and they have no listing of the payment address or anything else?

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replace ellen with space ghost

I'm sending this tweet to my cop-hating graphic designer friend because I'm an awful person and I've got a betting pool going on which thing he yells about first.
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tampa painted this shitty ass mural right outside a station and thought they did something. that shit says babk the bluf lmaoo

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Man fires at cops with AK-47 after refusing to wear a mask, police say

"As far as we can see, in its current state, TikTok doesn’t have a suspicious behavior and is not exfiltrating unusual data. Getting data about the user device is common in the mobile world and we would obtain similar results with FB, Snap, Insta, etc."

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@fintechfrank I think we should make twitter a more positive by just tweeting things we don't mind.

My dad sent me Doctor Dobson's letter about the upcoming election, and I wish religious leaders were not so nakedly hypocritical.

Trump "banning" tik tok and tik tok just saying "no."

Did you expect curtailing first amendment rights would go any other way?

I mean, what happened to all the conservative voices who protested their loss of free speech when YouTube said "no lying about COVID/5G" now that actual government censorship is happening?

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Microsoft appears to be on the cusp of owning a cradle-to-grave social network:

Minecraft —> TikTok —> Excel

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In case our download goes down on or is blocked

My new internet friend @TomZarebczan was kind enough to repost them on LBRY

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Allegations against Dershowitz -

Not only did Dershowitz abuse the minor, but he helped draft a non-prosecution agreement that gave Dershowitz immunity.


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