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"I thank you for saving one of my lives," the cat said.
"Everyone would have done the same."
"You'd be surprised. In return, I will grant you one of my attributes."
"Grace, beauty, balance, agility. That sort of thing."
"Can I have your ability to relax and sleep?"
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The Bitcoin price WILL be above $20k before December 31st 2020.

You'll never go broke shorting government competence.

Have you ever been harassed by law enforcement for your cryptocurrency usage?

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@WhereIsLawrence @stevenbwheeler @Relentlessbored @AdamJSmithGA If trolls didn't have strawmen, they wouldn't have any friends at all.

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The slow shift towards the government-enforced split of Bitcoin into “KYC Bitcoin” and “illegal Bitcoin” is heating up, and it’s not headed in a good direction.

(but don’t go spam garbage comments, give @coincenter money or convince @EFF to join the fight)

This is a great statistics thread, but the idea that we take a vacation from civil liberties is a fantasy. We give them up temporarily, and they're permanently gone.

See: income tax.
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If you believe the survival rate is 99.8%, then that implies you think that ***110%*** of people in New York have been infected.

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Conservatives: “I love small business”

Small business: “Can you please use a mask? ☺️”


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My Fury bust is available for purchase. The current price reflects my present manufacturing process. I'm looking at refining the process, so I may move the price up or down, depending on how that goes, so get one while the gettin's good. :)

Here are a few links which are Peertube related. (Feel free to add more).

official account:
(building a directory of peertubers)
(search engine for peertube)
(curated Peertube with good quality selection of videos)
(public domain videos)

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