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Everyone in the BTC community clapping for the Tornado Cash sanctions... You're next.
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Whirlpool number going way up 🌀🔥🚀

My mining company (@GeosynMining) has a unique opportunity to get equipment online and hashing for a client price of $36.5 TH.

Hit me up for details.

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A little bit of green in the charts always feels nice, like a cool breeze on a hot Texas day.

I get the vague impression this has something to do with the feds raiding Trump.

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The DNCer's and progs on my feed are all saying we're now in a civil war.

Not sure what that means, since I'm not seeing fighting in the streets.

eli5, plz, I'm too far inside the anarchist bubble to know what you ppl are talking about.

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34 years ago today, Dade Murphy aka Zero Cool crashed 1507 computers, causing a 7 point drop in the NY stock exchange. He was 11 and his family was fined $45,000. He was banned from touching a computer until he turned 18.

This is amazing.
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🧵1) A couple of days ago I set a crazy 10 ETH reserve price on a work depicting @RealRossU who was unjustly given a double life sentence. 10 which, in a few months, will be also the number of years he has been incarcerated.

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1/ 🇺🇦 @Ukraine_DAO that I'm the co-founder and Operational Lead of has been mentioned by @Forbes over 10 times over the last 6 months

✅ As well as by @FortuneMagazine, @abcnews, @Bloomberg, @FT and virtually every big mainstream media.

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Hey Bitcoiners, instead of squabbling about who's the truest Bitcoiner, might I recommend leaning in on the Tornado Cash sanction as the most pressing issue facing Bitcoin's mission at the moment?

RT @hazeldev_
There’s no such thing as “not political”.

First they economically attacked algo stables, then they legally attacked asset backed stables.

They've systematically barred the exits to the club with KYC, then threw in a molotov cocktail through the window.

This is the start of the real bear.

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i can count on one pinky the number of maxis i’ve seen tweeting about how it’s wrong to ban tornado cash addresses

privacy fighters my ass

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They have been moving against privacy for a long time yet none of you respect sex workers enough to hear it.

It's really hard to explain to the normies in my life why the OFAC / Tornado Cash thing that happened today is a major blow to free speech and liberty in a way that doesn't make me sound like a whacko.

RT @RyanSAdams
Ok US Gov.

What crypto privacy tool can we use?

Cause I’m beginning to think you don’t want us to have any digital privacy at all.

Tornado Cash is DPRK hacking group? What the dysinfo....?!
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what if they are actually planning on designating privacy and security research as “hacking groups” and prosecuting them thusly

Looks like he's ok. The car less so, but the kiddo has no scratches, thankfully!

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RT @RyanSAdams
Today the US sanctioned Ethereum addresses associated w/ a privacy service called Tornado cash.

Circle immediately froze the USDC in those accounts. GitHub suspended contributors to Tornado.

If you were waiting for the opening shot of big brother’s assault on crypto this was it

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