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Weather <> climate, unless it supports my POV.

I accidentally attended part of a philosophy meetup a few weeks ago, and I totally get why a lot of ancient philosophers were persecuted now.

There's definitely a growing, sad resignation from the left and the right that a villain is the only thing we'll ever have as president, because villains can actually get elected and get things done, where as, to quote Spaceballs, "Good is dumb."

I just read the replies to a Dawkins tweet about eugenics and now I need to bleach my brain brb.

We all know I'm that friend. Mine are all about blockchain somehow.

Who/what are the culprits on your timeline besides me?

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Everyone has that one friend on Twitter that every time you see a tweet from them, there's that "expand thread" link below them where you know there's gonna be an esoteric tweet storm below it.

BTW, if you're interested in the crypto news I read and use Telegram, subscribe to my channel. Usually two or three posts a day.

It's like being a repo man or a debt collector... a net negative on society.
“If you work at a chain analysis company, what the fuck are you doing?”


It is mindblowing that roughly the same protocol design for the Internet Protocol (IP) has taken the internet from nothing to ~15B connected devices and has survived for 40 years through the period of fastest technological change in history.

What lessons can we draw? A thread 👇

This review is the creepiest horror story I have ever read.

Fractional reserve banking is inherently predatory and the source of many class and racial issues in society. It's not even a debate anymore.

It's not an exaggeration to say fixes this.

My uber driver today is the first person I've met in 6 months who hadn't heard of bitcoin.

They still exist, people. It's early days.

But while credit systems evolve messily on TikTok, the Dubsmash instagram dance community already have well established norms around credit.

As dances move cross platform this has caused a clash in the 2 influencer communities

Invest more than you have to lose.*

* This is not investment advice.

Bitcoiners and crypto-folk sitting around analyzing price charts trying to find the bull run feels like Christians sitting around analyzing Revelations trying to find the date of the apocalypse.

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