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Learn about me online by googling "rizzn."

Anything you can't find, ask me!

I'm the admin of this instance.

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I just published a rust dev's wet dream with and to solve decentralised social media and Bitcoin financial apps (Bitcoin DeFi) once and for all.

This is still early draft.

But if you care about this, come join the dark side.

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Coinbase staying online more often than Solana during market crashes is everything you need to know about Solana

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people in the trenches have spent a decade+ thinking about this stuff, but that isn't legible to new participants, so they're making many of the same mistakes that bitcointalk 2009-2011 forum wars were fought over

I haven't seen the word "tulips" on the timeline yet, not the bottom.

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Them: "Disney Is Making A Live-Action Aristocats Movie".

Me: Is that a remake of the one with @RealGilbert?

If we can survive like three more weeks of these kind of price dumps, it'll convince all the anti-blockchain doofuses that they won the argument, and we can go back to doing what we want says harassment.

LOL, I'm such a dope. I've been playing story mode on The Long Dark for a couple weeks, and I got to the end, and it turns out that the last episode of the game won't be out for another year or so.

I'm surprised with how well Xbox Cloud Gaming worked. I had zero confidence that it would work as advertised, having spent decades in streaming video tech.

This is very true.

I've been saying for a while that NFT is an industry term, very imprecise, and needs to be refined and re-contextualized.
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The term "NFT" is a quirk from the fact that first token standard on Ethereum (ERC20) was a fungible token standard.

Technically, it's all just tokens (with some being fungible).

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It’s a hedge against hyperinflation and government confiscation. Next question.

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ok so i do think that crypto infrastructure should be improved (i wrote a whole post about this)

but, it is very annoying when people who know little about what has been built over the past 5-10 years point at a single web API and say "look, it's all a centralized fraud!"

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are nfts really being forced on you? or are they an entirely voluntary thing you don’t like seeing other people do

I'm sorry this is happening to you, Grady.
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@TwitterBlue “I” did not ask for this, as I suspect the vast majority of your @TwitterBlue users.

This was low hanging fruit in response to a small loud minority.

Have you considered asking us users what we’d really like?

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the rapper made history today for musicians… 🪦 RIP to the record labels/ no more middle men?

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jim thinks we need the SEC to find out how many doge are in circulation

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