We freed the core protocols of networking and the source code of a large chunk of operating systems and applications over 20 years ago. Yet we failed to break free from the gravity of the app, and now we're back on a worst-of-1980s-cyberpunk-future freefall back into the event horizon of permanent neofeudal corporate systems lock-in.

Something went wrong in our calculations about what "freedom" is and how to get there.

We gotta break away somehow before it all collapses into Actual Fascism 2.0

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Complete trainwreck of incompetence:


There's a reason I sometimes call Bitcoin "financial plutonium"...

Better yet, here's what they say to you if you want to try to run a mainnet validation node.

So decentralized you have to ask permission.

I'm gonna have to send them an email for lols.

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If a taproot UASF client is released I will run it.

Regardless of the activation method.

I'm done fucking around.

Time preference question: Suppose you sent coins to a timelocked address (made with OP_CLTV). How many years/decades would the coins have to be locked up for so that to you it's just the same thing as just destroying them?


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